Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Bowel Movement

Hello Floor!

We know what you're doing right now. Just kidding. Or are we?

We just wanted to remind you that Thursday night we are all meeting by the elevators to go on our "strip poker" lock-in all-nighter up in the sky-lounge. 5 South will be joining us, so please dress appropriately.

Attendance for past events has been excellent, but I think we can do better. Let's start a "Get to Know Your Neighbor" policy. And, even better, we'll make it a gift exchange. Everybody on the even side of the hall will trade with the room exactly opposite of theirs. This means that even trades with odd and odd trades with even. So, for example, if you are in room 361, you would trade with 362. Cool, huh?

Don't tell the Matt [the R.A.], but we're also having an "Appreciation of our R.A. Day" on this Friday. I would like you to buy soda and chips and streamers, if possible. Leave them outside my door.

The janitors have been complaining recently about not flushing and other forms of messiness recently. Be responsible and clean up after yourself. Also, there has been a city-wide shortage of toiletpaper, so if you can donate any, also please leave it at my door and I will get it to the janitorial staff as soon as possible.

That's all, so have a great day!

Truly evil. What can I say?